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About Roller Mill for sale in Kenya

Started many years back, our company has been the national leader in supply of roller mills in the country and beyond. We have supplied tens of thousands of roller mills to businesses big and small in Kenya and it is our intention to continue providing the quality products and services we are known for.

Since our company was started it has become known for provision of quality roller mills and exceptional services that customers can depend on. We are always on the lookout for the best technologies and innovations in the market to meet the increasing demands of our customers. What’s more we are increasingly partnering with suppliers that continue to innovate, improve and provide nothing short of the quality our company has become reminiscent of.

Roller Mill + Crusher Complete Package Price: Ksh 395,000

Brand new roller mill complete with crusher
Produces grade 1 sifted maize flour.
Comes with a 10hp motor, 5hp motor.

For Purchase Inquiries, Call/Sms/Whatsapp us on 0738 703208

We are located at SMK Business centre along Enterprise road Nairobi, next to Hillocks (Abt 2 kms from GM)

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Choosing The Best

Roller mill for sale Kenya

A roller mill is a grinding machine used to accomplish size reduction of different types of grains and other materials. Different types of roller mills for sale in Kenya, perform different functions and therefore you need to know what you will be using the roller mill most for before purchasing one. Roller mills can be used for functions such as grinding, flaking, and crimping among others.

When choosing between the roller mills for sale in Kenya, you also need to consider certain factors. The first one to have in mind is the size of the roller mill you need. Are you buying this for your small farm, a large farm, or a commercial enterprise? The kind of output you need every day or each time you operate the mill will determine how big a roller mill you should get.

The other factor that will go hand in hand with the size and output you need is the engine capacity and size. It is essential that you get a roller mill with an engine that will give you the kind of performance that you desire. There is no need of buying a big roller mill with a small engine that is unable of producing as much as you need or with the consistency in grain that you want.

After you have established those two crucial factors then you can look at the energy efficiency of the machine. Since most people who buy roller mills do so for commercial purposes, power bills can quickly add up and eat into the profits made. A good roller mill should have high efficiency and power saving to keep running costs down.

But these are not the only features you should look at. There are many more that you should discuss with your supplier regarding the roller mill for sale in Kenya that got your attention.

Roller mills are advantageous in that they do not produce a lot of dust, they are quiet during operation and they produce uniform particle sizes for consistency even for a business. If you have made the decision to invest in a roller mill for your business, you have taken the right step forward. The next step is now choosing the right supplier to help you get the best roller mill for your needs.

How we can help you

When you want to invest in a roller mill, it is imperative that you have a dependable and reliable supplier that you can work with. This is an expensive investment and therefore it requires building a solid and long term relationship with the ideal supplier. That is where we come in.

We are a reliable company that is Kenyan owned and operated. We have been supplying roller mills in Kenya for a very long time and therefore we know our way around these machines. We source quality machines directly from the manufacturers and import them to Kenya to sell directly to the end user. As such we provide our clients with the best prices.

Most of the roller mills for sale in Kenya are sold through brokers and third parties which significantly inflates the price. For us, we have taken the different approach of going where our customers are and selling directly to them. We want to make it quite easy for you to make this investment. Plus, as a reliable company you can depend on us many years to come when you need after sales services or advice on repairs and how to get spares. All the machines we have in stock have readily available spare parts so you never have to worry about that.

We have full time mechanics and technicians that offer advice and help you troubleshoot the machine if it happens that you run into a problem. We are here to ensure that our clients get great value for money when they make their investments with us.

We know that purchasing a roller mill is a really expensive investment and it is not something that you can do with just any company. As such, we welcome you to seek more information from us about companies and individuals we have worked with before, so you can invest with us in confidence.