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About us

Started many years back, our company has been the national leader in supply of roller mills in the country and beyond. We have supplied tens of thousands of roller mills to businesses big and small in Kenya and it is our intention to continue providing the quality products and services we are known for.

Since our company was started it has become known for provision of quality roller mills and exceptional services that customers can depend on. We are always on the lookout for the best technologies and innovations in the market to meet the increasing demands of our customers. What’s more we are increasingly partnering with suppliers that continue to innovate, improve and provide nothing short of the quality our company has become reminiscent of.

We regard honest and fairness as cornerstones in our relationships with customers and all other stakeholders in our business. Our company intends to be innovative in the supply and distribution of roller mills in the country. We are determined to deliver the widest range of roller mills available to become the one stop solution that many customers are looking for. We do our best to offer any customer anywhere in the country and beyond the highest possible quality roller mills and services at the most competitive prices.

And even though our company continues to grow and become a market leader, one fact never changes – we are here to provide high quality roller mills that are application oriented and designed for the world market at attractive prices.